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Georg Friedrich Handel - Semele (2021) BRRip 1080p
Georg Friedrich Handel - Semele (2021) BRRip 1080p
[Imagen: 6c5bae9ea6826e62e726dc3b64762432.jpg]
Genre: Classical
Format: mkv
Video: MPEG4/AVC, 1920x1080, 10000 Kbps, 29.970 fps, 16:9
Audio: DTS 6, 4304 Kbps, 24 bit
Duration: 02:48:28
Size: 16.82 GB

In the spring of 2019, the Monteverdi Choir and the English Baroque Soloists, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner, presented a critically acclaimed European tour of Handel's opera Semele, which included the Alexandra Palace Theatre in London, where this live recording took place. Semele had not been performed by John Eliot Gardiner and the Monteverdi Ensemble since their original recording in the 1980s, and this recording gives listeners the opportunity to hear a fuller version of the work
A glamorous team of young soloists joined the Monteverdi Ensemble to bring the story of Semele to life, including the celebrated English soprano Louise Alder, who takes the title role, and the young tenor Hugo Hymas, who portrays the amorous Jupiter.
- "A better interpretation can hardly be found". - (El Punt Avui)
- "The greatest pleasure of the evening was generated by the wonderfully clear and rhythmically alert singing of the Monteverdi Choir" - (Rupert Chistiansen, - ???? The Telegraph)
- "The Monteverdi Choir was in scintillating form and captivating in its ability to give meaning to every word, every syllable" - (Laurent Bury - Forum Opera)
- "The show is a revelation" - (Biagio Scuderi - Amadeus)
- "Under the precise direction of Sir John Eliot Gardiner, the sound of the English Baroque soloists is lush, round and sharp" - (Frédérique Epin - Olyrix)
- "Semele's score is a glorious mix of irresistible solo arias - some virtuosic, some lyrical, sensual and evocative, ensembles, duets, accompanied recitatives and (unlike his operas) imposing choruses. Even more so than when I first heard it nearly forty years ago, I feel that Semele's time has finally come." - (John Eliot Gardiner)

1 Introduction to Semele by John Eliot Gardiner
Semele (The Story Of Semele) Hwv 58 (Oratorio) (complete recording)
2 Overture (1st act)
3 gavotte
4 Accompagnato: Behold! Auspicious flashes rise
5 Choir: Lucky omens bless our rites
6 Recitative, arioso and duet: Daughter, obey
7 Recitative: Ah me!
8 Aria: O Jove! In pity teach me which to choose
9 Recitative: Alas! she yields
10 Quartet: Why dost thou thus untimely grieve
11 Choir: Avert these omens, all ye pow'rs
12 Recitative: Again auspicious flashes rise - Recitative: Thy aid, pronubial Juno, Athamas implores!
13 Chorus: Cease, cease your vows, 'tis impious to proceed
14 Recitative: Turn, hopeless lover, turn thy eyes - Recitative: She weeps!
15 Aria: Your tuneful voice my tale would tell
16 Recitative: Too well I see
17 Duet: You've undone me
18 Recitative: Ah! wretched prince, doom'd to disastrous love! - Accompagnato: Wing'd with our fears and pious hate
19 Choir: Hail Cadmus, hail!
20 Aria and choir: Endless pleasure, endless love
21 applause
22 Sinfonia (2nd act)
23 Recitative: Iris, impatient of your stay
24 Aria: There, from mortal cares retiring - Recitative: No more, I'll hear no more
25 Accompagnato: Awake, Saturnia, from thy lethargy! - Recitative: Hear, mighty queen, while I recount - Accompagnato: ...
26 Aria: Hence, Iris, hence away
27 Aria: Come, zephyrs, come, while Cupid sings
28 Aria: O sleep, why dost thou leave me
29 Recitative: Let me not another moment
30 Aria: Lay your doubts and fears aside
31 Recitative: You are mortal and require
32 Aria: With fond desiring
33 Chorus: How engaging, how endearing
34 Recitative: Ah, me! - Why sighs my Semele?
35 Aria: I must with speed amuse
36 Choir: Now love that everlasting boy invites
37 Recitative: By my command
38 Aria: Where'er you walk, cool gales shall fan the glade
39 Recitative: Dear sister, how was your passage hither?
40 Aria: But hark! the heav'nly sphere turns round
41 Prepare then, ye immortal choir
42 Choir: Bless the glad earth with heav'nly lays
43 applause
44 Sinfonia (3rd act)
45 Accompagnato: Somnus, awake
46 Aria: Leave me, loathsome light
47 Recitative: Dull God, canst thou attend the water's fall
48 Aria: More sweet is that name
49 Recitative: My will obey
50 Obey my will, thy rod resign
51 Aria: My racking thoughts by no kind slumbers freed
52 Recitative: Thus shap'd like Ino
53 Aria: Myself I shall adore
54 Recitative: Be wise as you are beautiful - Accompagnato: Conjure him by his oath
55 Aria: Thus let my thanks be paid
56 Recitative: Rich odors fill the fragrant air
57 Aria: Come to my arms, my lovely fair
58 Recitative: O Semele! - Aria: I ever am granting
59 Recitative: Speak, speak your desire - Accompagnato: By that tremendous flood, I swear - Recitative: You'll grant what I ..
60 Aria: Ah, take heed what you press
61 Aria: No, no, I'll take no less
62 Accompagnato: Ah, whither is she gone, unhappy fair?
63 Aria: Above measure
64 Accompagnato: Ah me! Too late I now repent
65 Choir: O terror and astonishment
66 Recitative: How I was hence remov'd
67 Aria: Despair no more shall wound me
68 Recitative: See from above the bellying clouds descend
69 Sinfonia
70 Accompagnato: Apollo comes to relieve your care
71 Happy, happy shall we be
72 Applause - credits

Louise Alder - Semele
Hugo Hymas - Jupiter
Lucile Richardot - Juno / Ino
Carlo Vistoli - Athamas
Gianluca Buratto - Cadmus / Somnus
Emily Owen - Iris
Angela Hicks - Cupid
Peter Davoren - Apollo)
Angharad Rowlands - Augur
Christofer Webb - High Priest
Monteverdi Choir&Orchestra, English Baroque Soloists

[Imagen: 79db4919ff8506e6c6f4277417c2039b.jpg]


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